Black Kettle Brewing Company officially opened January 17th 2014 by us, Bryan Lockhart and Phil Vandenborre.  We have settled locally into the upcoming brewing scene of North Vancouver tucked in alongside the rail. This journey began brewing for our buddies many years ago and with the intent to

one day open or own a local brewing company. We all know the greatest ideas and the best friendships are formed over beer. In January 2014, we opened with our first Pale Ale. We are dedicated to brewing small batches for local customers. For us, it's the spirit of craftmanship. For you, it's quality beer. 



Pale Ale

Malt forward, balanced hop character, notes of citrus and pine.

     5.4% ABV,      30 IBU

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Malt first, an old world IPA, the hop profile is citrus, pine, and floral.

     6.4% ABV,      50 IBU

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Brown Ale

Malt forward, mild caramel and roast flavours, with light hop. Pale malt, dark malts, malted rye and corn.

     5.4% ABV,      25 IBU

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Black IPA

Chocolate, espresso, citrus and tropical fruit, medium bodied.

     6.5% ABV,      55 IBU

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Session Ale

Light, refreshing, fruity notes of tropical fruit and grapefruit.

     4.6% ABV,      30 IBU


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Porter Ale

Brewed with chocolate malts, black malts, oats, and vanilla beans  A Creamy rich head, pronounced chocolate and subtle coconut flavour.

     5.2% ABV,       20 IBU

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WC Pale Ale

Golden pale ale brewed with oats and torrified wheat.  Crisp finish with a mild bitterness. Equanot hops lend fruity and herbal aromatics.

     5.6% ABV,      40 IBU


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Blonde Ale

Light refreshing ale with hints of lemon from the hops..

     4.2% ABV,      15 IBU

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Our Hours

Monday   2pm – 7pm

Tuesday   2pm – 7pm

Wednesday   11am – 7pm

Thursday   11am – 8pm

Friday   11am – 8pm

Saturday   11am – 8pm

Sunday   11am – 8pm

720 Copping Street – Unit 106
North Vancouver, BC, V7M 3N2
(604) 537-8959

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